Support & Update Services

Quasarsoft Ltd. provides the customer with Support and Update services. Those services are included for a duration of one year after the software is purchased. After that year, the services must be purchased separately.

See the Licensing and Pricing for futher information.

Support Services

Q▪Kernel is an advanced product that can be very powerful if used properly. Most developers can use the product "out-of-the-box". But sometimes it helps to ask questions like "I want to build ... product. What is the best way to do this?" or "What is the best way to save memory?". Those questions can be answered by the support services. Quasarsoft has a team of dedicated developers that can handle any question. Those developers work with the product and some have built or extended the product. All support specialists have access to the source code.

Support staff is located in North America in the mountain time zone so most of the questions that come in during the day are handled the same day.

Other Services

Quasarsoft Ltd. can provide a number of services that allows the customer to train staff and to optimize use of the product consultancy services. Please call for more information about the service fees.


Quasarsoft Ltd. can provide the customer with in-house training. (Restricted to North America.) The training can be the standard Q▪Kernel training or a specific training that teaches developers very specific aspects of the product.


Quasarsoft Ltd. can provide the customer with in-house consultancy. This type of support can be very efficient to get a product out of the door or to assist with specific issues.

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