Latest Version

Q▪Kernel v6.0-3363

  • This zip file contains version 6.0-3363 of the source code. The porting documents, release notes and libraries are included.
  • This version contains the PIC24/dsPIC and PIC32 port.
  • Create a directory qKernelFree if one does not exist and unzip the file in this folder.
  • The directory stucture should be qKernelFree > V3363

You can read and download all available documentation from this page (right).


Release Notes

Q▪Kernel Quick Start Guide

Q▪Viewer User Guide

Q▪Kernel Brochure

Q▪Kernel Feature Guide

Q▪Kernel User Guide

Q▪Kernel Reference Guide

Q▪Kernel Performance Information

Q▪Kernel Architecture White Page

Q▪Kernel Low Power White Page

Q▪Kernel Dual-Mode White Page

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