Performance testing to compare different RTOS is not simple. Some systems implement features that are not tested at all, some system do more error checking, etc. has been tested based on the open source Thread-Metric benchmark test-suite produced by Express-Logic Inc.

Some competitors could not comply with some of the tests and one of the missing contenders is FreeRTOS because their Licenses agreement does not allow performance tests. Download the software and draw your own conclusions why FreeRTOS does not publish their tests. Please refer to the Microchip Online Discussion Groups for their result and that can be found here.

The results of the tests are in the table and graph below and Q-Kernel wins with a distance on the average performance score. A more detailed description of the tests is available as a download.

More detailed explanation

  Cooperative Scheduling Pre-emptive Scheduling Interrupt Processing

Pre-emptive Processing

Message Processing Synchronisation Processing Memory Processing
Q▪Kernel v6.0 17,141,251 11,741,503 18,461,234 6,315,823 10,908,076 32,431,922 22,221,851
AVIX v4.0 18,730,514 11,460,380 17,125,013 6,023,870 8,151,857 27,878,435 12,618,419
ThreadX 11,847,800 4,870,885 6,918,050 3,052,151 6,928,383 15,337,354 12,863,624
TNKernel   4,138,692 7,784,052 3,180,224 5,722,266 13,623,702 9,745,907
uc/OS-II   3,909,085 5,259,998   7,387,612 10,293,318 6,814,817
AVA   1,724,948 5,207,762 1,260,190 2,761,154 7,514,799 10,235,182




The Q▪Kernel results are the best in the business, but it's good to mention that Q▪Kernel can even do better if the tests were built for a Dual-Mode RTOS instead for a traditional RTOS.

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